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Bbbbbvvv fiktive

Fun game



Awesome game


I’m surprised this game is still on the AppStore till this day ever since the original iOS back then.

The memories!

Was going through my past purchases and saw this. I still remember playing this when my mom got stuck on a layover coming back from Florida years and years ago. Glad to see it is still supported and I’ll definitely be checking out the second edition

My childhood 😭

Enough said!

Fun game but has major probs with iPhone X

You can swipe up to close this game. If you have Siri turned off, you have to turn your phone off to get out of it.


Best game ever😁


this game needs way more attention than it gets! Awesome game!

Did I literally check this just as you updated it?

I remember playing this YEARS ago, downloading now!

Oh my god is this game still alive??

Thought i was using ipod touch 2nd gen, my first appstore app is this one.

Back to the past

A legendary game that i used to play when i was young

64 Bit!

Thanks for keeping this awesome game alive! One of the best games from the early iPhone days so I'm glad it's going to be supported on iOS 11!

Trace is awesome!

The child I mentioned in the review is 13 now. I STILL put this app on every iphone and ipad. All these years later, it's still wonderful. One of the first games in the app store back when it was new and we all knew EVERY app because there were so few. Get this. It's still awesome. Ah! Nostalgia. Old review: I hope they add more worlds. Please! I love this game. My friend's six-year-old daughter loves this game. My friend with a phd loves this game. It's like the book HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON came to life! Amazing. Addictive! Massive fun! Developers-- a new purple crayon world would be cool.


This is really a day 1 type of game on the App Store. For real and if it isn't day 1 it's day 2 because I remember playing this on my iPod 2 with like iOS 3 or something old af. This game still is legit and worth a try.

Great game

One of the first games I downloaded for my phone back when I got it. Have kept it ever since.


Wow I remember this game on my 3G. I completely forgot how fun and simple AppStore games used to be. Now I have a 6plus and somehow came across this game again. So many good memories.

Awesome Game XD

This has been one of my favorite games for more than 5 years, I used to play this all the time on my sister's iPhone and I just love this game, it brings back memories!


Levels are either too easy or hard enough where the glitchy controls make them near impossible. Not a game for you if you want to enjoy it.


This was the first game i got on the app store and i havent plf gvnfnrvntgjtykgtyktyjtgyjgytgjtygj


This is a really good game. It's good to play it on long car rides. It's a great game to play to pass the time.

A classic of the AppStore.

This was the first game I downloaded back on my 2nd gen iPod and still one of my favorites to this day!

just right!

I love this game! It's just the perfect amount of challenge, so that you don't end up walking away frustrated like with so many other games. Not too easy not too hard. Thank you!

Very good

Very interesting game but a fun and awesome way to pass time. Very good directions to the game right on spot make more sequels and everybody go by trace 2!! Love this game it's so addicting


love it

This game has so much nostalgia

Great game. I have good memories of this game

Really rad cool and the hard type of fun I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Weirdest game I ever played. Pretty cool though.


Love this! Wish there Was more


It's uninspired and sloppy. The hot detection is SO SHODDY. It's so bad that it kills the entire game, along with atrocious controls. The game was designed for people with a newborn baby's hands. Not to mention that they are unresponsive beyond belief. Horrible, you'll just waste a few minutes of your life, get annoyed, and delete it. Don't waste your time.


Love this game!! <3



Good could be better but good

Really good app is addictive but the app could be better it is fun for anyone who wants to pass time


Really fun game :)

Great game

Best game ever

My review

I've played this game for years since I was little and could only play on my dads old iPhone and as a childhood game it is the best game I've pretty much ever played and hope everyone knows about it! :3

One of my favorite apps...

I cannot delete this game, even after 5 years. Thanks for Trace 2 too!


The game uses simple ideas and yet is so entertaining

Trace 2

This game is awesome!!! :D Y'all need to make a trace 2. I would buy the game if I had to


I love this game no rules more fun and you can make it up yourself !' AHHH<3


Trace is fun and challenging and it works really smoothly


My dad and I used to play this! It's so great that I found it!!' This is the best game in the entire world! Get it u wont regret it! And it's freeeee

Clear stats?

Can you implement a clear stats button in the options menu that resets the time and levels?

Addictive and very fun

It fun and the music is good love the game all in total you should get it my friend showed it to me and now I'm addicted to it so everybody get it


just follow those lines love the music

I love the music

The music is great for me for some reason lol. Idk but i like it alot. Also this game is awsome...wish that there would be like a sequel or something. :D

The one game that keeps my attention

Trace has proven to be a game that I'll continue to play for years. Nuances in the game keep it interesting. For instance, when you "jump" in the space world, you jump higher than the other worlds. The complexity of Trace keeps it challenging. I haven't figured out all the levels, even though I've played this game since it came out, nor have I gotten frustrated... Engaging for all ages, including children as young as 5 or 6 years old. My 6 year old loves to get his character over the exit and then "erase" the floor to fall into the next level... TIP: I use the "screen capture" function of the iPhone (or iPod Touch) to save a picture of different solutions. Once I've solved a puzzle, I'll often replay it with a different technique. I can save photos of my various solutions by pressing the home and sleep/wake buttons on my iPhone at the same time. The resulting screen capture is stored in the photos app that comes on your iPhone/iPod Touch.


Awesome game

Bad graphics

It's a good game but the graphics just bother me from playing you know so I'm going to give it a 1

Good game

Platformer/puzzle/drawing game. It's like a poor-man's Okami.



A gem that is priceless

This game is absolutely amazing and filled with depth and an abundance of levels (I think 120) and what I love is that every level has more than one way of passing it but I wish there were power up lines and a world of bouncy lines and updates!

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