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Spiel ist toll...

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The Best

Bestes kostenloses Spiel im Store!

Just Perfect

I love this App behause it is so much fun to play and lt. is do creative. Thumbs up


The concept of this game and fruition of the idea is spectacularly done. Apart from the odd glitch (really searving to liven the experience anyways) thi game is top notch! Im looking forward to seeing more from you two!

This is a really addicting game. Its free, too! One of the best games on my iPod. A must-have!


I got this game the day I got my iPod. (like 9 months ago) and it was like super fun! Then I finished all the "easy" levels. I still have the fire level (4got the exact one) and the space one..... Those are super hard!!! I cant beat half of da ones from those worlds... Maybe an update for more lvls??? 120s a lot but 50 super hard ones are a lot too.


That was my first game and I did not like it! Now that I am seven years old I still dont like it!! Dont get it!!!!!!! (please)

Awesome app!

Great game...super addicting...lots of fun! :)

Great App

This is a great free app. Similar to iPhysics, only 10 times better, love all the levels.

One of the Best

This game is easily the most fun alonh with the Tap Tap series.


The only reason thus game is called trace is because it has trace amounts of fun and FX

Not good

This game has poor controls and the levels are a bit too challenging. Some times it fells like I am doing something wrong but its just the game:(


Its ok I mean the contols are bad and stuff like that but its still fun I guess


Ive had the app as one of my 1st appd but no one has ever updated it for more levels or something.


Omg I  trace!! Its super addicting and fuuuun!!!

Very smart and fun game

Very, very smart and addicted game. One of the best. Trust me on this. I would like to recommend it to everyone. I would pay for next levels. Unfortunately there is no update for a really looong time. Still easy 5 stars from me...


This app is very fun


This is game is amazingly addictive xD. Its my fav app!!!


This app is very enjoying and fun, however the controls do need an update and the app just looks and feels outdated so a version 2 would be very useful. Possibly Game Center Support with a Mini-Game would go nicely too. Overall, this app is not one of my favorites, and Im just keeping around for a while.

Amazing app!

One best apps out there! Lots of levels not to hard and really addictive and fun!

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